Pit bulls are what you make of them

These lovable dogs go beyond the stereotype

People are terrified of pit bulls and say they are dangerous just because they look scary.

A lot of people are scared of them attacking so they won’t take them as pets. They see pit bulls and run.  People don’t see them as loving animals. They see them in illegal dog fights and out on the street fighting to survive and think they are too dangerous to be a pet.

I am here to tell you that pit bulls are just like any other dog. They can be pets and be loving animals if raised correctly. While true that pit bulls make the news more than other dog breeds, do not always believe the hype surrounding them

Pit bulls can be around people and babies without hurting them. Pit bulls don’t fight or hurt people on their own free will. They fight to keep themselves alive, to protect their selves or owner and to survive. Sometimes they don’t have a choice.

They fight or get beaten by their owner or trainer.

The dog’s behavior depends on the owner and the way they are trained.  It doesn’t matter what the breed is it is the training and the owner. If the owner is sweet and loving then the pit bull is raised sweet and loving.

Dogs are just like kids, they follow their parent’s footsteps. If a parent shows their kids that being mean and fighting people is good then they will grow up doing that.

Dogs are the same way. Treat them the way you want to be treated and the way you treat your kids and you will get love and respect back.