Spotlight is the official student newspaper at Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

For many years, Spotlight has been only available in print. In August 2013, was born as a way to keep the student body constantly connected to their school.

We publish daily sports scores, featured photos, and the latest stories from around school.


Want to advertise? 

Businesses interested in advertising in the print or web edition of Spotlight should contact Tom Hayes at 317-227-4148. The Spotlight publishes 15 print issues per school year and updates its website daily. Advertising rates are available upon request.


Along with the print edition of the Spotlight, is the official student news site of Ben Davis High School. It was created and is maintained by the Board of Education of the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township as part of the curriculum of the school district. Its purpose is to allow students to develop and refine their skills as journalists under the supervision of the Principal and faculty of Ben Davis High School. The Spotlight represents and exemplifies Ben Davis High School and is not a public or open forum. The Principal and faculty of Ben Davis High School are therefore charged by the Board of Education with the responsibility of exercising editorial oversight to ensure that contents of the Spotlight reflect Wayne Township Westside Community values, which may be found here on the Wayne Township website and are available upon request from Ben Davis High School. It is the policy of the Spotlight to accept letters to the editor from all readers. All letters must be signed and verified for permission. The editor reserves the right to edit the letter for journalistic and grammar purposes as well as to maintain a safe environment and to exempt prohibited material. Letters to the editor can be submitted to Tom Hayes in room C114/X109 or to the editor. Letters can also be e-mailed to Tom Hayes at [email protected] or to the editor. Readers who submit letters sent via e-mail must see either Tom Hayes or the editor for verification if they wish to be published.

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