Humanity: The interwebs child

Caution: This blog may contain information that can blow your mind

Howdy everyone. After talking to many people, this week’s blog is going to be about blogs. But what is a blog and how does this relate to the idea of humanity?

A blog, according to Google definition, is a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions. In my own words, a blog is a free pass to say and do whatever you want.

There are more than 1,512, 993 blogs written today and counting. Each blog written is unique and relates to the blogger’s interests. Blogs vary from food blogs, book blogs and even newspaper blogs.

With this huge selection of blogs, people get different feelings when visiting them. When visiting the Creepy pasta blog, you may feel scared, interested or intrigued. When visiting a Doctor Who fan site, you may feel united and connected. The bottom line of blogs is to have people create news from old ideas and feel better about themselves as well.

However, some blogs explore more than feelings. Some blogs explore the deep trenches of society. Some try to show the truth of the government and mysteriously disappear. Some blogs help create fictional stories about real life people.

In any way, Blogs create digital unity everywhere and anywhere.

Dealing with the unknown space center of blogs, there are some that have conspiracy theories, video footage and real life accounts on subjects that can not be explained. Why are these blogs so important to understanding what is really going on?

For one, you have thousands of people giving their input on a subject that rattles the soul. For another, they giver other real life accounts that help piece together the puzzle. Also they create sometimes logical analyses that seem reasonably correct.

So the next time you read a blog, think about all the other blogs out there waiting to be read and wonder how many speak the truth of what really happens.

Blogs I Like: