Humanity: Pure Dark

Matt Brown

Caution: This blog may contain information that can blow your mind


What truly lies within the darkness? Ever since the dawn of man, darkness has been portrayed as the heart of evil. It is known as the place where our darkest fears lurch and where monsters resign. But we all know that there is no such things as monsters and our fears are just things of the mind.

However, why is it that we are still frightened of the dark?

Some say it is just our curiosity that makes us fearful of the dark. The question of what lies in the darkness fuels that curiosity until reason no longer applies but imagination and fear takes over.

It turns the darkness into a type of enemy that is always behind us, being the bane of our existence. If this is the case, then the science behind fear simply negates the fear that the darkness creates and simply leaves just that, darkness.

Some say the reason we still are afraid of the darkness is that it resembles the end of time. Science says when time ends, the universe will die and recreate the big bang that started life. But there is another theory that instead of a restart, nothing happens. The cold of the darkness takes over, leaving no sound, light or life — an endless emptiness that will never be filled.

The fear of death also plays a role in the darkness. Like the end of the universe, there is this idea that when you die, there is no afterlife, but simply the cold and ever going darkness. That instead of rejoice or pain, all feelings, all urges, all signs of hope are swallowed up by the darkness.

The fear of the darkness itself creates life within it. Though the darkness is not truly living, it seems to be an immortal being of some sort that travels and lives between all lives, waiting until the final course. So when you are in an area of complete darkness, try to sense a presence that resigns in it, hold on to you beliefs, and try to feel anything.