Humanity: Cold, Dark, and Dangerous

Matt Brown

Caution: This blog may contain information that can blow your mind

If a shadow moves, what does it make it then? A shadow is a mimic, nothing more than that. However what if some shadows were not shadows, but merely gave off the illusion of one.

There are legends of creatures known as Shadow People. Some say that they are evil spirits, but if they are evil spirits, would that not make them demons. Some say that they are aliens, taking a form to learn more about us. But there is one thought that is truly terrifying. What if these moving shadows were 2D images trying to reach into our 3D world.

I have not met a Shadow Person yet, but how would you know that you have? Shadows are all around us. They make up most of the darkness during the day. If anyone has truly seen one, then they must have a third eye because sometimes it is hard to see our own shadows.

However great these creatures are, they live on rules. Rule 1: They do not like sunlight. Sunlight is like holy water on a vampire to them. Rule 2: They use shadows as a gateway. Any shadow, any dark corner, any place where there may be darkness, they can crawl through to us. Rule 3: They are dangerous. They may see docile, but there have been accounts of shadow attacks from people at night. Rule 4: No matter the size, they are nimble. This could be because they only exist in a 2D shadow, but there could be other reasons. Rule 5: If you see one, keep looking at it. If look away from their red eyes, they will disperse into the closets shadow and then they are gone.

Now I am sure there are more rules, but the idea I need to focus on is that these things are a mystery. There is no answer to these 2D impersonators, and that is how it needs to be. If there was an answer, then it could be worse than just wondering what the answer is.