Humanity: The heart of the truest believer

Matt Brown

Caution: This blog may contain information that can blow your mind

Guten Tag. Today we will be discussing the concept of believing.

Many people believe in different things. Some believe in universal ideas while others believe in more social matters. The concept of believing can be divided into two categories-scientific and religious. Now I am not saying that there are not other ways you can divide them, but let’s just stick with this for now.

Science Believing, as I like to call it, is the belief in the facts. As a scientific believer, you might think that the Earth was formed from the ashes of space, that humans evolved from apes and that everything happens for a reason.

In contrast, Religious Believing is the belief in feelings. As a religious believer, you might think that there is a God(s), that the person put us on this Earth and that everything happens through this one force.

Each one contradicts, but they also relate. As one may say that it rains because of heating, another may say that it is someone crying. The contrast is quite easy to figure, but the common ground involves an idea on a subject.

With the example of where rain comes from, each person is imagining an idea on the same subject. Also each person is expanding their territory into unknown parts of the universe, in this case rain.

Now to relate it to cryptozoology, it is hard to say where it goes between these two beliefs. In Scientific Believing, things such as Bigfoot, aliens and other physical creatures are believed to be something of natural properties. In Religious Believing, things such as ghosts, demons and other apparatus beings are believed to be of different worlds all together.

So in the end believing is seeing, while seeing is believing. Thanks for reading.

(Note: Next month, the blog Humanity will be focusing on issues that fit with the month of October, such as fear.)