Humanity: Our eyes are open, our eyes are shut

Matt Brown

Caution: This blog may contain information that can blow your mind

When we go to sleep, our dreams take us to many imaginative places. And when we wake up, we either wake up, or wake up in another dream. But if we can wake up in other dreams that seem so life like, how do we really know that at this moment we are awake or asleep.

When you are in deep sleep, it feels as if you are awake, living a life that you believe. But when that life starts to turn into something unfamiliar, you wake up and forget about it. When you forget about it, you shrug it off as some sort of day-by-day dream and never think of it again.

But, when some of the things that happened in that dream that you forgot start happening out of it, you start to remember it in full, and start to ask whether or not you are awake, or whether you are still asleep. If it can happen in dreams, we know that it cannot happen in real life right?

Then there are those dreams that you wake up from, but then figure that you’re still in that same dream. It seems that these “pocket” dreams are just smaller splits from the actual dream that you tried to wake up from. Think of it as a tree. You have the stump that is the bulk of the tree, then you have the branches that are the arms of the tree and then you have the leaves that are just smaller units of the bulk that can be easily damaged. When you wake up from that main dream, you are transported to other smaller units that produce a life like effect. These smaller dreams ones that are simple, and are quick dreams.

These two types of dreams ask the question if we are truly awake or in a dream. Most of you might be asking the question, “If we are asleep, then how come we are all in the same dream?” This question is not relevant.

Twins have shared dreams often because their minds are thinking on the same level and on the same idea. If we all were thinking of the idea of life, and we all went to sleep, we would all be sharing the dream of life, thinking it was real because of all the different things that we can not control. Though alone we can control what goes on in a dream, it would be hard to control anything if there were multiple minds involved doing what they wish to do.

As we snuggle into our beds, ready to sleep, think of the idea of dreams and reality. Wonder if that when you wake up, you have a 50-50 chance of being correct and hope that you are correct. Don’t get lost in the dream.