Humanity: The living idea

Caution: This blog may contain information that can blow your mind

Many people do not believe in the Boogeyman. They make it a joke and a nuisance in society. They use it as a way to make young children behave, to eat their vegetables, to grow up. If we make a joke out of the Boogeyman, then how come we are still afraid to look?

For those who are confused so far then you are on the right path. The Boogeyman is the main source of all fear. It is a creature that hides in the darkest of places and preys on the screams of his victims. It, he or she is a creature of pure imagination as well as pure nightmare. The Boogeyman is a global phenomenon that has crawled from the minds of the first Homo sapiens. It is, to most, a simple way to explain what there is to be afraid of. But what if this simple explanation, this idea, became real?

All great ideas are fueled by something, whether that be an inventor or a religion. From these fuel sources, they gain more and more power. However, if they reach a certain point, then they will push through the realm of ideas and become physical objects in our universe. To gain more power, there must be multiple fuel sources that keep pushing for the idea to become part of reality.

With this, I now go back to the Boogeyman. The Boogeyman is an idea in its purest form. It has been fueled by the tales and the fear that relate to it. In some cases it grows to become movies, action figures, books and among other things. And with all this fuel, would it not make sense that it would, after years of fear, that it would soon become real?

Also if the Boogeyman was not real, then how come we have all seen them? As small children, we dare not look under the bed, in our closets and other places we fear. As children, we created a portal or a platform of our purest fear, fueled by our imagination and innocence that would allow anything we dreamt of to come through. Then, one night, while we are sitting in our beds, with the covers over our heads, we hear it. The scratching of a claw, the scrape of teeth, the swish of eyes, and then we look. We see it, for the first time we see it, then we grow up.

I believe that the reason why so many of us who are older do not see the Boogeyman is because we left it as a dream. We were forced to give up the fear of the Boogeyman by the people around us, forcing us to leave the childish ideas behind. Leaving it behind. In some cases this is good, but we lose a bit of ourselves. We lose that first fear, that first image of the world around us. We disregard it as some stupid dream and move on.

However, I do not believe I should be upset, for just because we stop believing, it does not mean that it will vanish. Leave this existence and become part of the dust that surrounds our very heads. For there are more children born every day that will be told of the Boogeyman, and then they too will go through the process and look.