Wolves do not have to be wild

These ancestors of digs can be tamed

wolf graphic

Many people think and say wolves are vicious. They believe that wolves attack because they are wild.

If wolves are wild then what are we? Humankind was wild before technology and modern building came along.

Wolves are ancestors of dogs and can be tamed and be pets. Dogs won’t harm people unless provoked or taught to attack. Wolves aren’t that different from dogs. Wolves don’t attack unless you provoke them same as people, and wolves attack their prey for food. Humans attack animals for food. Why can’t wolves attack for food too and not be called “wild.”

People are afraid of wolves because wolves do live in the wild.  Sometimes wolves are afraid because of things humans do. By cutting down trees and hunting is making wolves act the way they do. You’re cutting down their homes and taking their food too, making them hunt for other things and searching for a new environment to live.

Wolves typically will not attack people. They aren’t that as dangerous as people make them out to be. They are just trying to stay alive.

When encountered with a wolf, back away slowly and don’t make sudden movements. Don’t provoke them or look in their eyes. Don’t scream or throw things at them it’ll make them attack. Most importantly stay calm.

If you have a pet that could provoke it or attack, get the pet in as quickly as you can but stay calm and try to move quietly and not making a lot of fast movement. Most of the time they will run away, because they are more scared of you then you are of them.