Humanity: Monster or man?

Looking at the world a little differently

Caution: This blog may contain information that may blow your mind.

Welcome to all who wish to learn. This week we are talking about what is a monster.

In society today, a monster is something that induces a moral fear into our very soul. In all cases, it applies to things that are disfigured disturbing, and incomprehensible. Creatures like werewolves, vampires, zombies, etc. are today seen as monsters because of their differences toward mankind.

I agree that monsters induce fear, but they don’t have to be things that act differently than us. For example, vampires are just like us only they feed off of the blood of others. Because of this difference, we call them monsters.

But what if we truly looked behind the cape and bat wings, what would we find? Personally, I think we would find someone trying to survive in a world that is still trying to understand itself. I also think we would find someone who is suffering from a new type of segregation.

The thing about vampires is that they have to drink blood to survive. If they didn’t, do you think they would still be drinking blood, or be having dinner at McDonalds. Also, vampires walk the Earth living a life span of forever. How do you think they feel when they have seen the world rotate time after time, knowing they cannot love not because they don’t have a heart, but that if they love someone, they will eventually lose them due to time.

Another example is when carnivals were around back in the 1800’s. They would have these so called “freak shows” that would show Homo sapiens that were different. Things like a “werewolf” man, a bearded lady, and a conjoined person would be seen as freaks of worse, monsters. But through the years, science has proven that all these people are just like you or me, but have an extra chromosome linked together or have a hair disorder.

With today’s monsters, we think of Bigfoot, the lochness monster, the dover demon, etc. Things that defy our nature of being and our way of life. But if we apply the same aspect as the examples above to this present day “monsters”, it is easy to see that they are just like us, people suffering from segregation and the struggles of life.

With this being said, my final judgment is that a monster is something that creates the worse for people. Something that meaningfully tries to harm someone just for the pure joy of it. Someone who segregates people of all shapes and sizes.

Next week will be a your week where I will be asking people what they want to see on my blog. So keep busy and look to the skies.

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