Teachers share their favorite tunes

Teachers around BD share their favorite type of music

Ever wonder what different kind of music genres teachers listen to? Well, here is the inside scoop on what they like to hear and how they like to listen to it.

French teacher Brayton Mendenhall uses his iPhone and iPad to listen to country, hip-hop, R&B, pop, and rock. His iPhone is synced to his car so he can listen to his jams.

English teacher Megan McCann listens to R&B, rap, and alternative music when she’s at home with her sound bar.

Art teacher Cara Owens listens to a mix of genres varying from punk rock, 70’s soul, to B- 52’s. She uses records and CD’s to hear her music.

Math teacher Jennifer Benjamin plugs in her iPhone into her car and listens to country, hip-hop, and John Mayer type music.

English teacher Justin Faires also listens to John Mayer type of music. He also listens to R&B, hip-hop, and country on his iPhone which is synced to his car.

French teacher Winnie Rotiche has her iPhone synced to her car and full of reggae, hip-hop, and rock.

Special Needs teacher Devante Stubbs listens to gospel music on his iPod.

Math teacher Sarah Shannon uses her iPod to listen to classic rock and pop on her spare time.

English teacher Lauren Howey listens to alternative country on her iPhone.

Math teacher Meri Edwards plugs in her iPhone to listen to country music.

Social Studies teacher Kelly Rich uses her iPhone to listen to all type of music except country and hip-hop.