Their target audience

High School Nation performers could have been us

Abbagail Speitel, Co-editor-in-chief

On Wednesday September 20, Ben Davis High School was selected to participate in the High School Nation Tour. Over 3,000 students experienced live music, dancing and the chance to win multiple different prizes.

Multiple artists perform on the High School Nation Tour, many of which are teenagers who are just starting their singing careers. One of the goals High School Nation has is to encourage students to become involved in the arts and start networking to reach that goal. The tour offers multiple opportunities for high school students to ask questions and learn about their perspective profession from those who are already in those professions.

A few of the younger artists to perform on tour are Cole Evans, Haley Mae and Caroline Roman. All three artists are teenagers who have been singing since they were children and now have the opportunity to perform with the High School Nation Tour.

“It is a great opportunity and I am blessed to be able to perform in front of you guys,” 17-year-old Cole Evans said.

He also went into great detail about how it is an incredible chance not just for students to witness somebody their age performing but for him to gain experience touring.

“It is so cool to get in front of people who are in your target fan base,” 19-year-old Haley Mae said. “It’s really cool to perform for teenagers who really care about the music.”

The young artist recently started touring with High School Nation but is a big believer in fighting the fear of trying new things.

The High School Nation Tour has had multiple headlining artists over their recent tours, such as The Black Eyed Peas, Symon, Plain White T’s and many others. But this year’s tour the headlining artist is Drake Bell. This years tour is Bell’s sixth with High School Nation and he hopes to continue promoting arts to young students who wish to pursue performing.

“As a musician it takes a lot of focus, drive and sacrifice,” Bell said. “It is good for anyone’s future to have that sort of discipline.”

Bell’s career is similar to the younger artists performing on the tour in that he began his career as a teenager. He also expresses the importance of practicing your craft and working towards your goal.

Bell says his main characteristic that has helped launch his acting and singing career is hard work.

“Never losing sight of the goal, no matter how long or hard the road is to the goal,” Bell said. “As long as you can keep it in sight in you are on your way to success.”

“It takes a lot of practice and focus,” Bell said. “You are gonna have to miss a few parties to practice but it is going to be so much more rewarding in the end.”

One of Bell’s main motivations for going on tour is to show students that getting started in their perspective field young isn’t easy and it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice but it can be done.

“Everyone has a different path just don’t get distracted or discouraged,” Bell said.