High School Nation comes to Ben Davis!

Staff and students enjoy an afternoon full of performances and festivities.

Evelyn Sanchez, Online Editor

Ben Davis had the opportunity to have High School Nation host their music and arts festival last Wednesday. The festival travels across the country to show students opportunities in the arts. Many of our students and staff enjoyed the event as it was a new experience for the school.

Senior Gabriel Brummett was lucky enough to be in front of the concert crowd and, despite the heat, enjoy the performances. She credits the performers and host, Unique, for keeping the crowd hyped with their music and energy. Brummett was even lucky enough to meet the event’s headliner, Drake Bell, and take a photo with the artist.

Despite all of the performances, there were different activities for attendees to participate in. Companies like Hollister and Sparkling Ice had booths where people were able to make their own shirts and paint records. Many were able to also receive free merchandise from the Truth booth by messaging the company.

After the event, Brummett was inspired to go for what she wanted to do in the future and not settle for what is easier.

“Although it was a small event, overall it was an amazing experience,” Brummett said.

The festival was not only for students to enjoy but also for staff members to take a little break and enjoy the festivities.

“The event was excellent. It was inspirational, fun and a great day at Ben Davis High School.” Principal Sandra Squire said.

Squire considered the event as a great way for students to have a fun time and bring everyone together. She also mentions how she would consider doing similar events in future after seeing how the students responded to the event.

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