BD coaches favor Kansas City by a slight edge


Joleth Herrera, staff writer

The 57th annual Super Bowl is taking place this Sunday in Phoenix.

Up for the NFL championship title are the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. For the 2022-2023 season, both the Eagles and Chiefs have had a 14-3 record. The eagles won their first championship in 2018. Chiefs have won the championship title twice in 1970 and 2020. 


There are a few victories to this game. First and foremost, both quarterbacks facing off this year are African American  – Patrick Mahones of the Chiefs and Jalen Hurts of the Eagles.


Secondly, brothers Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce will face off. Travis Kelce plays tight end for the Chiefs and Jason Kelce plays center for the Eagles. Head coach of the Chiefs, Andy Reid who has been carrying the Chiefs since 2013 is to face off with the Eagles who he was also the head coach from 1999-2012


Ben Davis’s coaches were asked for a predicted score and why they think that team will win. These were their responses: 


Coach Jason Simmons: ¨Philly 31-21. Philly will control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball which will allow them to control the tempo and pace of the game. While I think Kansas City has the edge in coaching, I believe the Eagles have the maturity edge which will matter in this game. Kansas City plays with a lack of focus, at times, that allows teams to hang around. They will allow Philly to hang around and that is not a positive for Kansas City. Football is won up front and with the QB, and I believe Philly wins because of this. ¨


Coach Russell Sumner:  ¨KC wins 3 to 2 over Philly. Philly gets a safety because the KC snapper puts the ball over the punter’s head and the punter covers it in the endzone.  KC wins on a last-second FG because they are more prepared for the moment (coaches and players).  I hate seeing any offense have success outside of BD.¨


Coach Stephen Spinks: ¨KC wins 29-25. There will be a weird score because there are ALWAYS weird scores in the Super Bowl. KC wins because Philly played a weaker schedule and hasn’t seen a QB like Mahomes in quite a while. They literally played a quarterback in the Conference Title game that COULDN’T THROW. I’m assuming that gives KC the edge, even though Mahomes is banged up.¨


Coach Luke Melloh: ¨Kansas City wins 28-24 over Philly because of coaching (Andy Reid, Eric Bieniemy, and Steve Spagnuolo) and QB play (Mahomes’ ankle will be good and he’s won the big one before).¨


Coach Caleb Small: ¨The final score is going to be 52-49 with the Kansas City Chiefs kicking a field goal with seconds to go to win the game. Neither offense will have a 3 and out, and both offensive play callers will have adjustments that won’t be stopped. The team with the ball last will win, and this will be KC because they will win the toss and elect to defer and take the ball in the second half. ¨


Coach Michael Malone: ¨Eagles  28-24 because of the power run game. Jalen Hurts will run read option and power read to a tee, Eagle’s offensive line is too dominant this year, and Jordan Davis and the defense will get a stop to win the game on the final drive.¨