Watson’s case an interesting one


Brentton Wharton, staff writer

Probably the hottest saga currently going on in the sports world right now is the drama between quarterback Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans.

Watson’s issue with the team is the lack of say he’s had in some of the transactions as of late. In the team’s offseason search for a new head coach, at one point they completely ignored Watsons’ request for the front office to interview Chiefs’ offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

Last offseason they traded All-Pro wide receiver Deandre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals, a move that was definitely not backed by Watson, the team’s quarterback. This issue definitely started well before this past season and I think the outcome of this season acted as the final straw from Deshaun. This season Watson posted a completion percentage of 70.2 (3rd amongst QBs), 4,823 passing yards (1st amongst QBs), and 33 touchdown passes (7th amongst QBs).

Despite his immaculate effort, the team finished with just 4 wins and 12 losses. If this team had gone 12-4, Deshaun Watson would have had a case for being the MVP of the NFL, and it’s clear to just about everyone that he deserves better. The era of players just doing what they are told is gone, the time of “just shut up and play” has passed.

A player of Deshaun Watson’s caliber to be placed in a position to succeed, and after he officially requested a trade earlier this week, it’s clear that he will not take another snap in Houston.

Where Deshaun ends up is unknown, but right now the highest potential suitors seem to be the Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers and New York Jets. Watson has expressed some interest in the New York Jets after they hired former 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Salah for their head coach position.

The Jets certainly present a challenge for anyone who’d wish to take the reins of that team. Even if Deshaun ended up there the overall lack of talent on the roster would be detrimental to his situation. If Deshaun thinks the Texans are bad, the Jets have been one of the only organizations in football that are flat out poorly run, he’d be going from bad to worse essentially.

Personally I believe he should really take into account his options, and choose the Panthers. There isn’t a trade clause attached to his contract, which should allow him to hardball his way to being traded wherever he pleases, and how could Carolina not be appealing.

He’d have Christian McCaffrey, DJ Moore and Robby Anderson at his disposal on the offense. Along with Matt Rhule as his head coach, a guy who would use Watson’s ability to the fullest. At this point there is really no way to tell where Watson will end up, because 90% of the NFL teams have interest in him. The only thing we do know is that with so many potential suitors, the team that ultimately wins the race is going to have to give up a ton.