Finally, some sports to watch


It’s been a wild year for all sports leagues without a doubt, especially the NBA.

Back in March the coronavirus caught America by storm, with the NBA being the first sport to fall victim to a case. The league was shut down after two players on the Utah Jazz tested positive.

Fast forward from March to now, and you’re sitting and watching the Eastern and Western Conference Finals, which seems absurd considering the year we have had. College football has returned, after so much uncertainty on if there would even be a season.

Some conferences cancelled their seasons (Big Ten and Pac-12 most notable cancellations), but many stuck with the NCAA’s decision to play. Some players spoke up against having a season without a proper safety plan, some wanted to play no matter the costs, a lot of those students in the latter, were from the Big Ten and recently they got their wish.

After the initial (and rushed) decision to cancel the fall football season, multiple phone calls, player conversations and conferences between officials and athletic directors took place to determine what would be done for these athletes. Many, including myself, thought there was no hope to see the Ohio State Buckeyes, Purdue Boilermakers, Michigan Wolverines and more in action this fall, but after the huge announcement that the BIG TEN will begin their football season mid-October, I rejoiced a little bit.

For any baseball fan, it was a scary league restart for you, as outbreaks within teams caused fear of another shut down. However, the shortened MLB season is in full swing and we’re seeing playoff berths be captured. On September 17th the Chicago White Sox (33-17) bested the Minnesota Twins (31-21) by a score of 4-3 to clinch their first playoff berth in over a decade.

Right about now I’d watch any sport in the world, and after so long of nothing I feel like everyone needed this. I usually am not as invested in the NBA or MLB as I am the NCAA or NFL, but this year I’m watching any and every playoff series we can get.