Is the Barclays premier league title race already over


Only four months into the Barclays Premier League campaign first place Chelsea is pulling away from the rest of the pack and asserting themselves as clear favorites to win the title.

The only other real contender right now is third place Manchester City and even they are eight points (2.5 games) behind the league leaders. Second place Southampton is four points (1.5 games) behind the league leaders, but with a rough schedule looming including Arsenal (4), Manchester City (3), and Manchester United (7) all in the span of a month. So it is more than likely that Southampton drops in the table with a possible nine points at stake in three crucial games. Chelsea continues to cruise towards their first title since 2009.

Weirdly enough with all the competition in the league right now, there are only a few favorites and everyone else is losing games that last year would’ve been easy wins. But right now in the Premier league there is no such thing as an easy win. With top teams like Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham all losing winnable games the league favorites are already eliminating themselves early.

For example, with Liverpool, the Reds drew 0-0 at home vs. a weak Hull City side. Also they conceded incredibly late to draw 1-1 to Everton in the Merseyside Derby. Also, they lost at home 1-0 to 16th place Aston Villa, who is steadily dropping in the table after having a strong start to the season. Also, Tottenham Hotspur is losing games that are completely winnable at home posting a horrific 2-4 record at home. Dropping from last year’s heights is Everton, Liverpool’s crosstown rivals. They have drawn five games in the league this year the highest in the Premier league. They are losing points because they almost look like they are playing for a draw every game

Usual title favorites, except for the last two seasons, Manchester United are slowly asserting themselves into the top parts of the table, of course after making a £57.9m pound signing of Argentine star Angel Di Maria and a £12m loan of Columbian Marksman Rademal Falcao The Red Devils are looking to bolster their attack. The biggest issue United and Louis Van Gaal (pronounced Hall) face this season is how to fit all of the superstar talent into one team. With the likes of strikers Wayne Rooney, Robin Van Persie and Falcao it has to be tough figuring out how to fit all of this talent on one squad. Also, trying to divide playing time equally between Juan Mata, Angel Di Maria, Ashley Young, and Davey Blind is no easy feat. The confusion on the team sheet and the lack of defensive stability will ultimately be the down fall of United’s 14/15 campaign.

In the end Chelsea will most likely finish on top of the table and win the league. Arsenal will finish fourth like they always do. Manchester City will earn a Champions league spot and most likely choke in the group stages. Liverpool will make a late title push and Manchester United will try their hardest to make it into European competition and its lack of stability will eventually destroy its hope. Anyway it happens it will be interesting to watch.