What’s right and what’s wrong with the college football playoff


The college football playoff rankings have now had two versions released and both have had good and bad things from them. From unjust rankings to mysterious absences to insane drops and rises in the rankings, the rankings have been a huge talking point in the sports world since their release on October 28. There has been uproar and praise for the committee running the rankings, all of which deserved in their own way, but there is still a lot of questions to be asked before the final rankings come out on December 7.

There are a lot of good things we’ve seen from the rankings and committee in the first two weeks, like the committee appreciating Georgia’s (11) body of work even without star running back Todd Gurley, showing that no one player dictates a team’s ranking. Another good thing we’ve seen is Nebraska (13) is appreciated by the committee, they understand that Nebraska have potential and a potent offence and can contend for the Big Ten title. Also Oregon (4) isn’t being seen for its loss and its being seen as the power school they are.

Now on the flip side there have been some questionable decisions in the rankings, like Notre Dame’s (10) spot before a horrible loss to a good Arizona State team (55-31). Notre Dame’s ranking will more than likely drop down in to obscurity after their playoff dreams were all but destroyed.

Also, the committee has shown they, questionably so, are high on Arizona State (9) right now. With one win against a big school (Notre Dame) and no other wins to prove themselves with besides a 17-14 OT win over Utah (17) they have a lot to prove before even being considered for a playoff spot. Also a strong Baylor (12) team is severely underrated after coming back from 27 points down to beat TCU (6) and dominating a strong Oklahoma (14) team.

Rightfully so Mississippi State (1) and Florida State (2) are on top of the football world. But there are a lot of teams fighting for the last spots of the college playoff but in the end only four will make it and on December 7 we will know who the four are.