Is the one-and-done done?

It is time for the college and NBA to consider changes to this rule


The one-and-done rule in college basketball was established to make sure players at least went to college for a year to get higher learning before deciding if they want to move on and take their talents to the NBA. Prior to that rule, guys like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James went straight out of high school and begin to earn a NBA living.

The issue is confusing to me because we say want the best for these players and their families, but yet put a restriction on their ability to make a living. And the people making these decisions  are the same ones who want to see them perform at the next level the most.

I’ll tell you why. Coaches in college didn’t find it fair that they would spend all this time and effort recruiting the best players just for them to go into the NBA instead of college.  While some say that kids need a year of seasoning before going pro, I think it is more that colleges need big-name players to help fill arenas and sell tickets.

The issue is how some players may use that year of education. Some may be serious or others may not care, but every players story is different. Many who follow the game of basketball have heard stories that guys like John Wall never attended class at Kentucky before going to the pros. While those stories have never been proven,  who can blame a guy like Walkl for looking ahead t0 the NBA.

If a player is talented enough to play in the pros, he should play in the pros. If colleges want these players in college, why only a year and not two and why not start paying them enough to be able to live on? After all, these players sacrifice their bodies for theses coaches and schools and only receive a pat on the back.

It’s outrageous how much money these schools make for using these athletes, but yet can’t find a smart enough way to help support these players. It is not even close to being fair and it’s just like this saying I heard “Keep the body strong and the mind weak.”

NCAA, let’s find a way.

That should be what their meetings should be about for the rest of the year. Step it up and actually help these players rather than use them for your own expense and enjoyment.