Rivalries from the past

Warren week – teachers discuss memories of past rivals

This is Rivalry Week at Ben Davis. The Spotlight poll last week asked who our biggest athletic rival is. After 95 votes, Warren Central was clearly the winner with 65 votes cast their way. Our football team hosts Warren Central this Friday.

With that in mind, Spotlight asked Ben Davis alumni who currently teach here to discuss memories of who they thought were our biggest athletic rivals while they were here at BD.

English teacher Meghan McCann

Year graduated from BD: 2007

Activities involved in during high school: Basketball and volleyball

“Warren was our biggest rival. They were always very good at football during my time at BD and we always knew it would be a good game. We looked forward to beating them more than any other team, and even made T-Shirts and other memorabilia specifically for that game. I believe a main reason we were such rivals is how similar our schools were, but on different sides of the city. We each were the biggest and best of our respective side of town. It became a pride thing to be the best in the city, and the only way to prove that we were the best was to beat Warren. It was the Best of the West versus the Beast of the East.”

Band director Shawn McNabb

Year graduated from BD: 1986

Activities involved in during high school: Band

“Warren Central because Jeff George put 60 points on Ben Davis football team in 1984 (I think).”

Jessica Hobbs

Year graduated from BD: 2003

Activities involved in during high school: Volleyball, basketball and softball

“Pike for girls basketball. Many of us played with or against them in summer AAU games. They almost beat us in regionals my junior year. Megan Jones hit a half-court shot to send the game into overtime, where we eventually won.”

Choir secretary Sonya Bonnanno

Year graduated from BD: 1981

Activities involved in during high school: Helped form the political club/group called SCOPE

“At that time I always remember the BD vs. Northwest High School homecoming game. I remember double dating with a Northwest High School boy and I and another couple. I remember the excitement of our two schools playing against one another. I do believe BD beat Northwest. It was nice going home a winner.”

Radio teacher Jon Easter

Year graduated from BD: 1993

Activities involved in during High School: Radio, Spotlight, National Honor Society, Golf (4 years, Captain my sr. year)

“I think the biggest rival we had then was North Central and Carmel, but we were so good then. When I was here as a student, I broadcast the girls basketball state championship, the boys basketball state championship and two football state championships. I attended another state championship game for football. I was also on the IHSAA 1992 State Champs in golf.”

Administrative Assistant to Patrick Biggerstaff Heather Foubert

Year graduated from BD: 2005

Activities involved in during High School: BPA, FCA, Marching Band, Pep Band, Concert Band.

“Our biggest rival was Warren Central. They had a good football team, and it was always a close match. Great game to watch.”

English teacher Shannon Rose

Year graduated from BD: 1997

Activities involved in:  Theater, Student Counsel, choir, Key Club

“But I remember very vividly my sophomore year, I was a cheerleader and our biggest rival at the time was North Central. We had a pretty good season and thought we would go far in post-season, but ended up losing to the Panthers in the first sectional game. We were devastated.”

Social Studies teacher Ryan McMaster
Year graduated from BD: 2004

Activities involved in:  Cross Country and Track and Field

“Warren Central. No matter what sport or event we always were out to beat them. We hated losing to them in any sport because they would brag about it to no end. They were some of the biggest whiners if they lost though. I do remember my junior year, in football, both schools’ football teams were ranked in the nation and facing each other in Regionals. ESPN televised the game nationally. Adding to the hype, WC had beaten us earlier in the season, but we got revenge in the tournament and on national television! Running wise in my career WC runners — no one liked them compared to most other schools.”