Hail to the Chief

Crouch shares insights on the role of senior class president


Joel Alvarez

Student body president Caroline Crouch (blue dress, front row) sits with her fellow academic Giants for a school picture this week.

Government plays a key role in our society; creating laws, setting policy and practicing diplomacy. While we will be selecting a new president for our country in 2016, our school already has a president: Caroline Crouch.

Crouch is a senior and is the current president of our senior class. While her responsibilities don’t involve diplomacy or lawmaking, she does play a very important role in the function of our school.

But what exactly does the president do? What are her responsibilities and why did Crouch choose to seek this position?

“The role of the president is to lead other students by actively involving himself/herself in the school and making positive choices. The president acts as a spokesperson for the student body and helps to maintain an open line of honest communication between administrators and students,” Crouch said.

Crouch isn’t just involved in student government. She is an avid member of DECA, plays on the soccer team, runs track and also serves as the president of Key Club. She takes pride in being a Ben Davis Giant and shows it.

When it comes to her role as president, though, Crouch takes the responsibility of the position seriously.

“For me, I saw the opportunity of running for student body president as a chance to speak up for others and what is right,” she said.

As president, Crouch says the senior class is focusing its efforts on developing leaders throughout the school and setting a good example for other students and the future generations of Ben Davis Giants.

In addition to serving as an advocate, Crouch says her role as president also pushes her to personally excel.

“It has also become a chance to improve myself. Student government does play a role in the school. We are expected to lead in everything we do including maintaining strong attendance and grades, in hopes that other students may see us, recognize our role, and also seek to do well,” she said.

Though Crouch will graduate this year, she has some advice to pass along to student leaders of the future.

“Be a leader. Speak up. Keep an open mind. Ask for help. Most importantly, always stay true to yourself,” she said.

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