Devon’s top albums from 2013

1. The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die // Whenever, If Ever – The debut LP from the post-rock emo revival band. It was released through Topshelf Records on June 18.

2. Deafheaven // Sunbather – A risky and experimental black metal album, with influences ranging from post-rock to shoegaze. It was released through Deathwish Inc. on June 11.

3. Foxing // The Albatross –  An atmospheric indie rock record released through Count Your Lucky Stars on November 12. It blends the technical elements of twinkly emo with a full orchestra and a wide array of instrumentation.  Listening to this is an emotional experience.

4. Touché Amoré // Is Survived By – The third LP from the American post-hardcore group. This record is pulling a lot of influence from the early-90’s emotional hardcore movement, with a little post-rock thrown in the mix. It was released through Deathwish Inc. on September 24.

5. Baths // Obsidian – This record is experimental pop at its finest. Creating a very unique and dark atmosphere, it was released through Anticon Records on May 28.

6. Brighter Arrows // Dreamliner – This album, the same vain as Sunbather, pulls a lot from post-rock  and shoegaze, with extend sessions of noise and an all-around abrasive atmosphere. This album was self- released on June 30.

7. Daylight // Jar – This punk-influenced grunge record is a complete return to roots, with an album cover that looks like it was plugged right out of the early years of Alice In Chains, it would make Eddie Vedder proud. Or as he would say, “yeaaaaaaaaah”. This album was released through Run For Cover Records on April 30.

8. Daughter // If You Leave – This pop album has an atmosphere of a chilled out winter’s night. It is influenced greatly by post-rock artists and pop-stars alike. This was released through 4AD Records on March 18.

9. Pill Friends // Blessed Suffering  – A lo-fi indie rock album, which is worthy of a spot in your collection next to those Teen Suicide and Merchant Ships records. Also, prepare some tissues. You’ll cry. This album was self-released on July 23.

10. Nai Harvest // Whatever – An emo revival album from the English band. It is their debut LP. Shortly after it was released, they signed to Topshelf records. It was self-released on January 6.