Review: Lorde – The Love Club EP

Take a talented teenager from New Zealand and a record company and you get Ella Yelich-O’Connor, also known as Lorde.

Lorde’s debut release, The Love Club EP, is great, while the EP isn’t even 20 minutes long! Tracks like “Million Dollar Bills” and “The Love Club” are more up-beat. But tracks like “Bravado” and the popular “Royals” are somewhat simplistic. The final track, “Biting Down”, has a nice, quiet feeling.

It is crazy how talented Lorde is. She’s our age and is singing like Adele. She does all of the singing in these tracks herself. Makes one wish they could reach this level of accomplishment at such a young age.

Overall, The Love Club EP is great. I loved every track. And I really hope Lorde becomes bigger as time goes on.