Neff becomes team leader

Senior leads girls golfers for second straight year


Samantha Hoerger

Senior Ellie Neff led the girls golf team in scoring average last season.

Senior Ellie Neff led the girls golf team in scoring average last season. As the season gets underway this year, Neff discusses what her senior year means to her.

Q: How is this season going to be different for you from the past three seasons?

A: It’s more intense due to the pressure. The pressure that I put on myself, the pressure from my parents, the pressure from colleges, the pressure of performing well and acting as a role model to the younger girls.

Q: How do you feel about your team?

A: We all care for each other and want the best for one another, for both golf and school. We have very limited drama, and it makes golf much more entertaining since it can be a drag at times. We have lots of potential to succeed, especially coming from the younger girls.

Q: How has Coach (Dave) Patz helped you to improve your game and your maturity?

A: He made me realize that my maturity will improve my game and as well as others around me, and he helped develop my swing.

Q: Do you plan on playing college golf, if so where?

A: I’m really interested in Butler, mainly because it’s close to home and my brother goes there. I’m also interested in the University of Alabama but it’s a bit far away, and I couldn’t leave my doggy. Then there’s Xavier, which I like Xavier, unlike the other two colleges, they sent me a happy birthday email.