Let’s end violence

Stay away from those who think fighting is cool

Why do teens resort to violence?

I believe that top cause teens resort to violence is to seek attention from their parents.  That’s all most teens ever want and it has been that way for decades.

I feel that way when I see my parent’s on weekends. Unfortunately, many teens both here and across the nation don’t really have caring parents.

The few who actually have caring parents are the one’s who are happy on the inside. Teens who don’t have caring parents are the ones who are sometimes the most difficult to read.

Parents who actually care about their kids watch what they wear to school and they let their children know they care. It is the little things that parents can do that make all the difference to teenagers.

My brother and his wife make sure that I am dressed appropriately for school and that helps me stay focused at school.

Teens who don’t have that kind of support at home will seek it elsewhere, some turn to violence and others to things like crime and drugs.

Where do teenagers learn violence from?

Some teenagers learn violence from their surroundings and others think violence makes them look cool. Violence, however, doesn’t make you look cool; in fact violence makes you look silly and only leads to more trouble for you, both in school and outside of school.

I will stay away from the teens who think that fighting is cool. Teens who think fighting is cool are the ones who you don’t want to be friend’s with. Try to avoid that type if you can because it’s not worth being friends with those people because they’ll get you in trouble.

For teens who think violence is cool, I can assure you that violence isn’t the answer to everything. Stay away from people who answer everything with violence because it will only lead to you getting in trouble.

Violence isn’t impressive, being peaceful is.