Calling all Esports fans? Give this club a try

Calling all Esports fans? Give this club a try

Brentton Wharton, staff writer

The world of sports has gone far beyond the ball and the net, the goals and the home runs. Video games are now recognized as a sport, yep that’s right, esports, and you can get involved right here at Ben Davis.

The esports team is currently a part of a league of high school esports teams all over Indiana called the IHSEN. They compete in various independent tournaments yearly. Colleges have even begun recruiting and offering scholarships for future college students who are currently a part of esports teams at their high school.

Ball State University, a school virtually around the corner, just invested in an esports lab, where the team can hold practices and in house tournaments to better their skills and improve their team. Even with how new esports are in high school, colleges are already preparing to offer full rides to school for prestige in the sport. 

The Ben Davis esports team is looking for talented and committed young players, ready to improve their game and participate in practices and matches. One of the most popular multiplayer online titles on the market right now is Rocket League, and that is one of the titles the team competes in.

The list does not end there,  Super Smash bros. Ultimate, Overwatch, Forza Motorsport 7, and even Chess! The team is quickly looking to add a number of games to their arsenal, including CS Go, Fortnite, Call Of Duty, Rainbow Six and many more. 

“My goal for the team is to have a space in the school where we can meet and play with all the equipment needed so more students can participate,” team coach Trevor Smith says.

The pandemic did not halt our Esports team much, as they gathered remotely, with players using their own equipment to participate and play. The team has grown very quickly and even coach Smith says he “can’t imagine what it’ll be like when we are up and running.” 

Esports programs everywhere have the utmost potential, and the activity is really starting to blossom. Many schools, including our own play a list of games that will even be offered at the next level. If you are at all interested in joining in the land of video games, contact coach Trevor Smith at [email protected]