Wayne Township provides food for students

Staff members are passing out free meals at Wayne Township schools


Staff members have safety guidelines so they can distribute food without unnecessary risk.

Mary Adams, Staff writer

Everyone knows school is cancelled for the rest of the school year. Many people don’t have an issue with this. They have everything they would need at home. Some people don’t have this luxury, as their only meals may come from school. How is the district helping these families?

Staff members are passing out free meals at schools for students who don’t have food. Families can get these meals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10 a.m. to noon at Bridgeport, Stout Field, Garden City and Chapelwood. 

The lunches will include a meat/meat alternative, grain, fruits, vegetables and milk. The breakfasts will include grains, fruits and milk. On Monday and Wednesday, each bag will include two breakfasts and two lunches. On Friday, the meals will include one breakfast and one lunch. 

One question that immediately gets asked is how is this practicing social distancing? Work stations for the staff preparing the meals are set up so people are six feet apart. Staff are also provided with masks and gloves while they make and distribute the meals. 

Wayne Township is serving about 3,600 people a day, which adds to 36,000 meals a week. This program is going to be continued for the rest of the school year and then transition to the summer meal program. They are still waiting to hear from the USDA on how they will provide their summer meals.