STAMP week: Thursday is a day for role models

This world is filled with hate, peer pressure, temptation and fear. It’s becoming harder to find a good role model in our lives. We look up to celebrities that are living in a chaos of drugs and alcohol. We come to school and are surrounded by conflict. We see people getting bullied online and in person and do nothing about it because it’s “none of our business”.

Coming to school and getting bullied while no one makes an attempt to stop it, is such a terrible thing to go through. If one person could gather up the courage to yell stop, it could make a huge difference in a victim’s life. But student’s fear of becoming the next victim or of being excluded from their group of friends discourages them.

Being a role model means being a person that others see as an example to be imitated. Most teenagers want to be the next Jay-Z or the next Kim Kardashian. But celebrities are known more for getting in trouble with the law than their job. Students just want the fame and wealth that their role models possess. They think that treating others like trash is going to gain them that respect. They are wrong.

You can be a good role model by taking action to stop bullying. You can encourage your friends to join anti-bullying clubs at school or to participate in anti-bullying events. You can even create your own group to help promote respect for all. If you are a leader at your school, start telling students about ending bullying. Taking any type of step to put an end to this issue will help model to other students what is right from wrong.

A good role model is someone who stays out of trouble, treats others with kindness and respect, and is never afraid to stand up for someone in need. Bullying is a problem all over the world and we have the power to stop it. Don’t be a part of the bully’s audience. Walk away and get help. Make posters to bring awareness to your whole school. Take action. Be the role model that we need.