STAMP Week: Tolerance is the key for Tuesday

Learning to be tolerant is key in battling bullying


At a school as large as ours, conflicts are inevitable. Aside from intentional conflict, anyone could be having a bad day that could escalate with any irritation. Either way, the best thing we can do as students is to handle these conflicts peacefully, and respect when we differ. Today is Tuesday, and the subject for this day is tolerance.

For example, the simplest solution may be to let it go. While it may seem weak to back down in a heated situation, it usually is the smartest thing to do. Most conflicts turn into something much bigger than the problem that started it, so fighting fire with fire isn’t the best option.

Another option one might take is to relax and rationalize. It sounds like a stereotypical response, but talking things out is classic and effective. Tensions can be high during a conflict, but if those tensions aren’t reciprocated, usually they will die out. Anyone who is yelling at someone who is speaking calmly is going to feel foolish, and will calm down as a result.

The size of our school again leads to the inevitability of another subject, diversity. There are more than 4,000 students attending Ben Davis (including the NGC), and each one is unique. Different cultures, beliefs and ideals are all a part of the variety you’ll find in our student body.

This diversity is a wonderful thing, but it leads way to conflict over our differences. It could be differing opinions on a matter, or even hostility towards something a person isn’t familiar with. These differences, just like any conflict, can be overcome, though.

In this case, it is a matter of respect.

In a perfect world, everyone regardless of background would be able to get along without incident. Since we don’t live in a perfect world, we have to create that dream ourselves. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated, and the differences won’t matter.

For those who still shoot negativity at you even after you’ve shown them your utmost respect, all you can say is you tried. Maintaining that respect is still important, as it leaves no reason for a person to want to cause any conflict. Besides, you don’t have to like everyone, but respecting one another is vital.

Surround yourself with people who give back positivity and enjoy your company. These are true friends. But treat everyone else kindly as well, and you won’t have many problems getting along with those you differ with.

Overall, conflict should be avoided at all costs. Letting something that matters for that minute affect something that matters your entire lifetime is a bad decision to make. No matter what method you decide to use, make sure your conflicts don’t erupt and cause more trouble than it’s worth.

Even more so, make sure that you respect the differences between you and everyone else. No one deserves to be treated with disrespect, so make sure it doesn’t happen. If you do that, your conflicts will be minimal and your life will be happier. Put good into the world, and you’ll be surprised at how much good you’ll get out of it.