How to apply?

Here is some help for seniors starting college applications

Applying for colleges can be a very confusing and frustrating progress. Seniors who have never applied to colleges can find themselves getting lost very easily. They also become overwhelm by all the steps they have to take just to send one application. You have to fill out the application itself, write a good essay, send your SAT and ACT test scores and also send your transcripts. Many students don’t even know how to begin.

The most important thing to always keep in mind is the deadlines. You always want to make sure you don’t miss them because if you do then there is no turning it in late.

You should make reminders on your phone or write it down somewhere where you will always see it. Always give yourself enough time to get things done.

Usually filling out the application isn’t the hard part, writing the essay is what students freak out the most about. Colleges will give you a question and tell you to answer it in a certain amount of words. The most important thing when writing this essay is to write about the truth. You could lie while writing your essay but it would be much easier to write about something that is close to you. If you write about the truth there will be more emotion and details than when you fabricate a lie. You also always want to double even triple check your essay for mistakes. Have an English teacher, parent, counselor, or friend read your essay because they might catch mistakes that you didn’t.

If you haven’t taken your SAT or ACT test, you want to make sure you registered to take them as soon as possible. Most colleges let you apply without your scores but they ask for the date that you will be taking these tests so it’s very important that you register. If you have already taken them then just be sure to put in your scores on the application. You want to also check what the required score is that the college wants. If you don’t meet the score, you can always take the test as many times as you wish.

Sending your transcript is also not has hard as it seems. Most seniors don’t know what steps to take but the steps are right on our Ben Davis homepage. If you go to the homepage and scroll down a little there will be a purple box that says “Order your transcripts”. Once you click on it, it will take you to a different page and then you will have to click another blue box that says “Request my transcript”. After that all you have to do is register for and follow the steps. After the request is sent to a counselor, they will make sure your transcript is sent to the college of your choice.

Every step of the college application can be done online. It’s a long progress but if you take your time and do everything done right the first time, it will become easier the next time. Just remember to hit your deadlines and if you get lost you can always ask a counselor for help.