Clubs are everywhere

There are plenty of activities to get involved with

Not only are extracurricular activities fun, but they look great on a resume.

Counselors at Ben Davis encourage students to participate in activities beyond school to gain experience for the future.  Ben Davis High School offers a wide variety of clubs. Lots of people know about marching band, choir and sports. However, there are lots of other opportunities for everyone at BD!

Only a few of Ben Davis’ many clubs are highlighted below. Locate the ‘clubs’ tab on the Ben Davis High School website or ask your teachers and counselors for more information.


  • Astronomy Club
    • A student-led organization
    • Spreads scientific knowledge throughout Ben Davis with astronomy and astrophysics.
    • Meetings may include a brief lecture and hands-on activities.
    • Contact Ms. Donna Miley for more information.
  • BD buddies
    • Provides the opportunity for general education students and students with special needs to build friendships.
    • Club meets monthly but communication with buddies should be weekly.
    • Contact Mrs. Pfister or Ms. Trenkamp for more information.
  • Ethnic Food Club
    • For students who want to experience some of Indianapolis’ ethnic restaurants and try new foods.
    • Contact Mr. Montgomery for more information.
  • The Man Club
    • A club for men who are striving to be successful.
    • Involves outings, discussions  and community service projects.
    • Contact Mr. Trocha for more information.
  • Key Club
    • For students with a desire to help others
    • Meets every other Monday after school
    • Annual fee of $13
  • STU Crew (Student Council)
    • Promotes school spirit and community awareness
    • Requires a 2.5 GPA and a dedicated spirit
    • Contact Ms. Koven or Mr. Carter for more information.
  • Latino Success Club
    • New to Ben Davis this year.
    • Attend the callout meeting on Thursday, August 21
  • Brain Game
    • Academic team that has been chosen to represent Indiana at the premier national academic competition in Florida for the past three years.
    • Contact Ms. Kaspar, Ms. Proctor, or Mr. Belser for more information.