Helping with football

Former players get together to support one of their own


Morris’s children pose and show their strength for their dad.

Mike Morris is a 1995 Ben Davis graduate who loves BD football.

“It has meant a lot in my life,” Morris said of the Giant football program.

That program will help give back to Morris on November 30 when current and former players get together for a flag football tournament to help support Morris, who is battling stage four pancreatic cancer.

Morris was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer in the beginning of September. Stage four is when the cancer spreads beyond its original spot.  In Morris’s case, it spread to his liver. The doctors and his family are hoping the cancerous cells are out of his liver so they can do surgery on his pancreas.

There are 12 sessions of chemotherapy planned, and Morris has only been through three. He goes back November 26 for his fourth session. They are going to draw more blood to see how much of the cancer is still in his blood stream.

“Last time it was 2300, which was less than before,” Morris said.

The November 30 fundraiser will help him pay for his medical expenses. It will start at 11 a.m. in Giant Stadium. The main event is flag football, and it costs $250 to enter a team of eight.

“Coach Morris started with the seventh graders years ago,” BD offensive coordinator Justin Faires said. “He wanted to be involved because he was a former player and loved BD football.”

“He did such a nice job that he continued moving up with that group. He does a great job connecting to the kids and setting high expectations. He is very loyal to BD and simply wants to see our kids do a good job on and off the field.”

Morris appreciates the support.

“I’m fighting and feeling good,” Morris said. “My wife and kids are good; we’re just all staying focused and positive.”