Stu Crew leaders plan homecoming

Dance, spirit week activities are first on the agenda


Katherine Wilkins

Junior Alexa Foy (left) and senior Carioca Jones discuss homecoming plans. Foy is president of Stu Crew and Jones is vice president.

Stu Crew is all about making things happen at Ben Davis.

They are the faces for many events and activities that go on here. This year the Stu Crew has more than 50 members and that was more than what they expected.

“I’m really excited to work with kids outside and inside of school, and to build relationships with the students and each other,” Stu Crew sponsor Kelly Koven said.

Koven loves the fact that The Crew helps plan homecoming.

“I absolutely loved homecoming in high school, and being a part of the community,” Koven said. “I look forward to helping make this a special memory for our kids.”

Senior Savasia Fletcher is looking forward to doing homecoming and community service.

“My best friend joined with me,” Fletcher said. “We just thought it would be fun.”

Homecoming is the first major activitiy Stu Crew helps plan. The dance is Sept. 28 and the theme is “Dreamy Night in All White.” The dance is in the commons and cafeteria from 8-11 p.m. Tickets can be purchased during lunch in the commons ($10 per person).

Prior to the dance, Stu Crew will help with Spirit Week leading up to the Sept. 27 game Lawrence Central. Dress up themes for homecoming week are:

Monday (Sept 23) – Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Tuesday (Sept 24) – Camo Day

Wednesday (Sept 25) – Decades/70s Day

Thursday (Sept 26) – Favorite College Day

Friday (Sept 27) – Purple Pride Day

Stu Crew also will be involved in planning the Sept. 27 pep rally.

“I enjoy how involved the Stu Crew is becoming already. It seems like students have already jumped right in with all their great ideas. I think we’re off to a great start,” Student Council Vice President Carioca Jones said.

Jones said she joined so she could have an active voice in what is going on around school.

“There’s always room for improvement and everyone has their own opinions and viewpoints that aren’t always necessarily heard. I wanted to become vice president because I think that out students are important and they matter so they deserve to be heard,” said Jones, a senior.

President Alexa Foy, a junior, also wanted her voice to be heard.

“I was once one of those people who felt I needed a voice,” Foy said. “I’m excited about being involved. It’s a good feeling to be heard.”