Keeping up with the times

Ashley Shuler, Editor-in-chief

As editor-in-chief this year of the Spotlight newspaper, I am proud to announce the unveiling of this brand spanking new website.

The idea behind this website is to connect students and staff with information of what is happening around school.

My staff and I plan to update this site daily with sports scores and coverage, featured photos, and timely articles. We are also going to post daily tweets and Facebook statuses linking to our latest articles. I believe this strategy will increase reader interest and involvement.

The editorial staff and I have a vision this year of involving all of the media departments – radio, broadcast, yearbook – in the creation and upkeep of this website. We believe that this type of journalistic bond will lead to innovative ways of telling stories.

In addition, the Spotlight will release the same amount of print editions as in previous years, thirteen. These editions will still be printed and placed in racks around the school every other Friday. The newest print issue will also be posted electronically on this website.

Comment below or contact Tom Hayes at [email protected] with suggestions or questions regarding our website.