Celebrate your mom this weekend with these gift ideas


Arianah Bacon, staff writer

Sunday is one of the best holidays that was created. That day is for celebrating our mothers and acknowledging their amazing upbringing. Mothers Day is celebrated every year as it falls on the second Sunday in May.

Selecting the perfect gift for your mother might be a little bit hard, but with some thinking and organization you can possibly show your gratitude to her. These suggestions for gifts would make your mom’s day such as,

A bouquet of flowers is one of the most given gifts on mothers day, which could possibly be your gift for your mom. To show more love and appreciation , you can include a box of chocolate and a handwritten card.

Self Care Day
A Self care day could consist of taking your mother to a spa, letting her get pampered and relax. You could also take her shopping, go to the mall or a regular store.

Personal Gifts

This gift could be a photo album with old pictures of you and your siblings when you were younger, or a hand painted portrait of your family. Get her a phone case with pictures, or a necklace with a special message.

Kitchen Gadgets

This last idea is a great gift idea if your mom likes to cook and bake. You can get her a new pan, blender, coffee maker, microwave , or pots. There are many amazing cookbooks out, this could also be an amazing purchase on mothers day.

Taking care of your mom on a beautiful Sunday could brighten up her day; it’s always nice to show your mom some love. If you’re having issues picking out a gift then you can use this list to help you along the way.