Jones is passionate about business education


Joleth Herrera, staff writer

Have you passed through D-hall recently? It has some of the most interesting business classes with the coolest teachers. Rachel Jones has been the business department chair for the past five years. 


Jones got her undergraduate and master’s degree from Ball State University in business education. She has been teaching for 18 years.

“I am in it for the long haul,” Jones said about how long she plans to teach.

Although she graduated with a business education, Jones began BSU with a major in business then during her later semesters switched to business education. Her change was rooted in wanting more than a business, Jones was centered on teaching, coaching, helping, mentoring, and finally more tight-knit interactions with people.

She currently teaches management, accounting, and strategic marketing. Along with these classes is the organization called Distributive Education Clubs for America (DECA). This club is for students who have an interest in management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Students are constantly learning more about business while having a friendly competition with other students who also share the same interests. In such a large organization there are fashion events, marketing, sports marketing, the food industry, and the hospitality industry. 

Through these events, students learn many critical thinking skills as well as thinking on their feet quickly. DECA has the opportunity for many social interactions with new people through community service and competitions. Students make a bunch of friends across the entire state.

Jones is a charismatic leader for her students as well as the teachers under her direction. She is passionate about her job and loves teaching because she enjoys seeing students use or apply her lessons to real life.

Not only that but Jones is a person who many students find comfort in because she is so helpful and trustworthy.

“Being a teacher helps me be a better parent and being a parent helps me be a better teacher,” Jones said.

This job has taught her patience and has given her the opportunity to see life through many other perspectives.

Her favorite lesson to teach is current events. Through and through she loves when students see in real life what they have been learning.

“Students have a knowledge of what is going on in the world,” Jones said.

Her favorite memory is a student returning at the end of the year and saying how glad they are that they joined DECA. Another of her cherished memories is when DECA went to Disney World for the first time and her students showed her around.

Although there are many good things about being the business department chair, there is a part that Jones dreads. Everyone is exhausted after school breaks and it is very difficult for students to get back into the swing of things. A good day at school for Mrs. Jones is interacting with students or building a relationship with students.

Under the guidance and direction of Mrs. Rachel Jones, Ben Davis DECA students have made it to internationals this year. They will be taking place in Orlando, FL. Wish our Giants luck!