Ready to graduate? Here’s your party planning tips


Danielle Shumar, staff writer

Graduation parties are always a big topic of discussion as summer begins.

High school seniors are preparing to celebrate all their accomplishments through their long four years in high school. Entering a new chapter is difficult for anyone, and holding graduation parties are an easy way to celebrate your favorite seniors and wish them luck. At the same time, being the one throwing the party can appear a little overwhelming. So how can a graduation party be successful? 

First, find some fan-favorite finger foods. Lots of people love the food that is provided at graduation parties, and having a wide variety for lots of different tastes can be super helpful.

Making sure guests are fed and happy with the food selection is important, but make sure it’s something you enjoy too. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. You could get catering from your favorite restaurant, buy pre-organized food trays from the store, or make something yourself. The possibilities are endless with food options. And shop at places like Costco, Gordon’s, and Sam’s Club to save a little money.

Next, find a location that you love. If you feel more comfortable having your graduation party in the comfort of your own home, do that! However, if you want somewhere more open or less personal, renting a location has become easier these days. You can rent a park, event center, or any building of your choice. Some examples around Indy are Avon Town Hall Park, Clermont Lions Park, and the Indy Country Club.

Sending out mail invitations is important as well. Posting your party details on social media and texting close friends is a quick way to get the word out, but inviting people via paper invitations is always more intimate. It will remind family members and friends of your upcoming event and they will be more likely to pin it on their calendars.

Graduation parties, while about fun and celebration, are also partially about receiving love and appreciation in the form of gifts or cards. To make things easy, have a place to store these cards, like a designated table or box. This will be beneficial and will prevent you or your guests from having to carry around many different boxes or bags.

Something people might not love about graduation parties is that all of the attention is on them. For some people, this is part of the appeal, but for others, it could be the root of anxiety. If this makes you nervous or scared, you can always find a friend to share the day with. Rather than having all the attention be on you, combining your party with a friend can help divide the audience. You could also split expenses to make the party more affordable.

Another important aspect of a good graduation party is the decorations. Decorating your party with bright colors, fun photo opportunities, and abstract designs will keep the guests from getting bored. Also, make sure to put up some pictures and decorations that represent you, like certificates, awards, etc. Some fun decorations could include a photo booth, streamers, balloons, tinsel centerpieces, banners, confetti, etc. People always love when a party is bursting with life, and decorations are an easy way to bring fun.

The most important thing is to remember that the day is all about you. Do things to prepare for the graduation party that you love, not just what you think your guests will love. Always put yourself first, especially when it’s your accomplishments that are being celebrated.