Dix gives back to where he came from


Mary Osiwoga

Adonis Dix, one of our deans – also known as A.D. – is a graduate of Ben Davis who was involved in BDTV and Spotlight.

Tell me briefly about your background

“I’m originally from Gary, IN I moved out to Indianapolis after 6th grade & started my journey in the city at Chapel Hill 7&8th grace center on the bulldogs! Then attended the freshman center and started my journalism journey with the freshman paper that had just begun when I came in.

After that, I started Spotlight sophomore year with the convincing of Mr.Hayes (a really great guy) who helped me learn and get more involved not just with the program but writing about what I loved which was sports.

I wrote for Spotlight for three years and was co-sports editor and columnist by the time I graduated from BD class of 14’ along with doing BDTV for two years thanks to one of the great men in our building (my mentor), Dennis Goins who also helped me realize my passion for broadcasting.”

Was it always your dream to be a dean?

“It was not my dream to be a dean assistant but I’m blessed to be able to be in a place where I can help this generation of students not just mold themselves, but better understand themselves & what’s coming leaving from here to be better prepared with reality in a more positive light.”

How did you get the job?

“I got my position by looking to leave my previous job and saw the opportunity to come home and jumped at the opportunity. I applied, interviewed & here we are. I’m still bleeding purple & helping our school in a different way.”

What do you find challenging about the job?

“I only find getting some students who may not know me to listen to me initially & are use to the yelling approach. I’m naturally not a person who feels yelling helps when talking to anyone..now saying that does it still happen yes hahaha but after some time and students getting to know me & realizing my why & that I’m truly here to help them it smooths itself out but there are always days no matter what job.”

What do you like or dislike about being a dean?

“I like being a dean assistant because it gives me an opportunity to affect more than one life in a positive way. Some people don’t get a chance to be around much of that if ever. So being in my position if I can show them life & feed positivity then they may do the same moving forward to someone else. What I dislike is repeating myself, that can be very frustrating because I know everyone hates that so why would you have someone to do it with you? Saying this we’re all learning & growing every day so every day is a learning and growing experience.”

Is there anyone in particular that inspires you? 

“I have a couple of people who inspire me honestly. First, my creator above because without him I am no one. Second is my mother who has fought a good portion of her life to protect, love, cherish and care for not just her big baby but her little one as well.

“Which brings me to my baby sister, who was born during my time at BD her bright smile & caring heart and energetic attitude help keep my light bright even when it seems dark around me.”

How long have you been working at Ben Davis?

“I’ve been at Ben Davis for almost a year coming up here in January.”

What’s your favorite thing about being at Ben Davis?

“My favorite thing about being at Ben Davis is what I appreciated before as a student the opportunities all around it just for students but staff as well. When we work as a true community we can make our village better which helps all of us no matter where we all come from we are truly one (to me).”

What do you want the student body to know about you?

“What I want the student body to know about me is that I’m here to support, love & help them grow in any way I can. Also that I can only help those who want to be helped & that you’re never alone I’ve been in these same halls & have a story of my life that may shock them but it’s what helps me better understand them too.”

What are your future plans?

“My future plans are whatever the Lord has in store for me. I try not to plan too far ahead because the lord laughs when we make plans. If I could say it’s being here in a role to continue to grow personally, professionally, & while also helping our scholars do the same.”