A gift guide for your holiday troubles


Joleth Herrera, staff writer

Black Friday was just a few days ago – did anybody go shopping and find some great deals?

It´s a very stressful time to be out shopping because the weather is unpredictable, there are long lines, and sometimes your favorite products might not even be in stock. It can get really frustrating to shop for a loved one when all these scenarios can occur. 


The worst time to be shopping is when you have no idea what to buy for someone. Lucky you, this guide will teach you some tips on how to give someone a gift they will like when you have no idea what to get them.


For starters, you might want to go gift shopping with some time on your hands. This process can be really tedious so make sure you aren’t in a rush. 


Step 1: Confirm what type of relationship or friendship you have with this person


You never want to put too much effort into a gift for someone you´re not as close with. It sounds harsh but it needs to be accepted. Sometimes we are put in situations where we have no idea who this person is yet a gift is needed for them. Don´t get me wrong it´s very nice to give out to people when you can but in all honesty, it can be inconvenient at times.


Step 2: Parents and siblings


If you´re looking for a gift for one of your siblings then you should definitely pay close attention to what they’ve been asking for the entire year. Sometimes siblings will joke around about their Christmas list but I guarantee some of these things they will be happy to receive. 


If you´re still having a hard time with the gift you should buy them more of what they already have way too much of. For example, if you have a sister who has a huge makeup collection, then get her some more makeup. There can be many variations and types of makeup that one doesn´t notice at a first glance, but a collector will notice. They´ll find it to be very special and fitting for them. Now on the other hand if you have a brother who loves a brand of clothes and there is a specific item that they´ve missed then get them that item.

Parents are next – the hardest breed of people to buy presents for. For some reason, parents love saying that they don’t need or want gifts. That could be true but if you want to do something nice for them and you really have no idea what to get them, get them the item that they’re missing. A mom might love some new kitchenware or a new bed set. A dad might love a new set of tools or even some fun collectibles if they’re into that.


Step 3: Best friends, close friends, and friends


You should never feel pressured to spend your money and effort on someone if you don’t want to. At the end of the day, it’s your money and your life. The whole idea of gift-giving revolves around ¨the thought¨ so if you want to be thoughtful instead of materialistic then go for it!


If you´re a teen you know there are multiple levels of closeness that we can feel with our friends. For one, if you have one best friend or multiple best friends that’s fine but make sure to lay out your options for gift-giving. It’s nice to make everyone feel included.


For a best friend, splurge on all their favorite items. If you and your best friend are comfortable with each other then it can be really fun and joyful to get them all of their favorite items. Getting multiple small gifts for someone seems much more intimate and thoughtful than a large gift. This applies to best friends and partners more than anything. 


Close friends can range however you categorize them but if you´re pretty close then you should put yourself in their shoes and see what gift would be most like them. I learned this from Perks Of Being A Wallflower, if you know what part of the book I’m talking about then you know how extremely detailed and thoughtful Charlie’s gifts were. Just think to yourself, if I was _______ what gift would I absolutely love? Nine times out of ten you will land right on and think of a perfect gift that fits their personality just right.

Next are friends, no need to get crazy with the details here but a simple gift might be more fitting than a detailed gift as would be for any of your other types of friends. Now I´m not saying a friend isn’t deserving of your time and effort but I´m saying if you consider them a friend and not a close friend or a best friend then that by itself reflects the level of closeness you two have. For regular friends, I tend to go for a gift they will use. Whoever receives your gift should be getting the money’s worth because after all, you did decide to buy them a gift. Go with a simple candle or article of clothing that you know they will use.


Step 4: Partners…or soon-to-be partners


There is a very thin line between a partner and a soon-to-be partner. The title. It is the title. If you are struggling with a gift for your partner do not feel bad. It’s fine to be confused or even stuck for a while about what to get them. This type of gift can be tied back to a gift for a best friend.

Oftentimes people will call their significant other their best friend, so then what? Go with the detailed gift. If you’re an attentive partner or best friend then you must know all their interests and their favorite brands, shows, foods, etc. 


Getting a gift for a soon-to-be partner can be the beginning of a good relationship or the destruction of any relationship. You reflect a lot about yourself when gift-giving. And to be honest, if you´re reading this then that already says a lot about you. If you go overboard with a gift for someone who you aren’t even dating I guarantee you there will only be two reactions. They will either love it or they will be overwhelmed. There is no in-between. This section isn’t even about the gift itself, it is about deciding how you want to go about this situation. I mean, do you even want to get this person a gift?


For this soon-to-be partner gift situation, you might want to do the mirror style. Think, how would you feel if they gave you an extremely full-out detailed gift or a single gift like a hoodie or a pair of shoes? Chances are this person is probably really confused about what to get you as well. I mean where do you two even stand? Or sit…pun fully intended.


Decide where you two stand before you decide to spend. All I will say is that you want to think to yourself before doing anything, how would I react? Once you´re sure of your reaction then think to yourself again, would I like a gift like the one I’m planning on giving?

Step 5: Homemade or store-bought


No homemade gifts were not going to escape this gift guide. For the first 16 years of my life, I probably gave homemade gifts to my mom every chance I got and if you did that too it is alright. There were select times when I went out and bought her a gift though which is also alright. I think homemade gifts are beautiful creations no matter what. Oftentimes people will say that spending or splurging a lot of money on someone you love is the true sign of loving and caring for them. I beg to differ. You are allowed to show your way however you please. Do not let people tell you otherwise. Money has no value over thoughtfulness.


Get creative with your homemade gift and have some fun with it. The internet is a wonderful place to share ideas and get ideas from past creations. Be imaginative and creative.


If you prefer store-bought whether it’s because of the convenience or if that’s just your style then go ahead. At the end of the day, your effort will still be appreciated.


I hope this gift guide helped you. Remember that the holidays aren’t about giving or receiving. The holidays are about being happy and enjoying the time with those who you love. Not giving someone a gift doesn´t take away from how much you love and care for them. Sometimes we can’t afford gifts and that is alright. An effort is taken for so much more than you think. If you know you´re doing your best then that is all that matters. 

Happy holidays, Giants. Stay safe.