Are pre-builds better than customs now?


Drake Johnson, staff writer

For a long time in the PC community, Pre-Builds have been known as the easier but less effective choice.

But after the GPU shortage you’ll find that GPU prices have been the highest they have ever been in history. But you may be asking yourself, what does this mean for the market?

Because of this building a computer costs MORE than a pre-build with the same parts. This has led to many people to buy pre-builds just for the GPU. It’s also why you will see many GPU focused pre-builds online.

This has changed the way the PC building market works completely and has almost put a stop to it. One of the people that a lot of PC builders are mad at are crypto miners.

Crypto mining takes a lot of good GPUS and with the recent take off of cryptocurrency. This is what caused this year’s GPU shortage and so a lot of crypto miners have gotten a lot of backlash and hate since they can and should use older GPUS in order to allow some of the stock to go to who they were marketed towards, gamers.

Many people have taken this opportunity to buy prebuilds while they can because it is expected for the price of prebuilds to go up as demand does. So if you’re trying to get a PC this coming Christmas I would start buying now while you still can.