The technology and social media takeover

The use of phones and devices is becoming alarming


The overuse of phones is becoming a concern during the digital age

Najiyah Payton, Staff writer

Every year technology has increased massively in more ways than one. However, this has become an overwhelming problem. 

The advance in technology has caused our current generation to be more lazy than ever. Thirty years ago people our age had to memorize things as simple phone numbers or use phone books to even find a number. Meanwhile, all we have to do in 2020 is tell Siri to “call Pizza Hut.”

Of course, these new and improved ways of doing simple tasks quickly are helpful, yet, it can induce laziness. The first smartphone came out in 1992 while  the first iphone came out in 2007. The first iphone is nothing compared to the new 11 pro but for its time, it was a groundbreaking invention.

Every year a new iphone is released with new revolutionary and innovative features. A good example and comparison is the simple number pass code, to number and letters, to fingerprints, and finally to face Id. What’s next Apple? Can it even get more advanced than unlocking your phone with a glance.

Though this new technology is very advanced could it be dangerous as well? There’s many different conspiracies  based around the face id and fingerprints. Many believe Apple is giving our information to the government or another group of people. It’s really easy to steal someone’s identity with a fingerprint and, or a scan of their face. Now this is just a theory. There is little to no evidence of this speculation.

Now that’s only one argument: another is that the technology the average American can now assess has been overused and caused separation in all kinds of relationships including the one with ourselves. Social media can be so captivating that it’s all one thinks or cares about. 

A lot of social media stars and content creators have spoken about their obsession with getting thousands of likes and views being the only thing that matters at a time. The inability to put our phones down is becoming overwhelming and completely unhealthy. During a 42 minute class period 80% of the students are on their phone. The lighting on the screen can damage our eyesight as well as being on our phones for a long period of time can make you lose some brain cells as well as ruin the ability to sleep or quality of it.

Also, consistent cell phone use induces a lack of social skill and relationships to explain further why young children can get attached to the virtual world instead of communicating with friends and family face to face.

Technology overload also can ruin health, both physical and mental. Overusing technology can cause a lack of physical activity as well as snacking while using devices. However, there are also some positives to technology such as helping the people with disabilities.

For example, a special pair of headphones have been designed for others with lack of hearing and or a complete loss of it for movies and tv shows. More positives are that it can enhance learning (smartboards, 3D printers, laptops, etc.).

Technology in the classroom also gives us a lot of opportunities to use E-learning. Technology has many positives and negatives as society just needs to find the boundaries.