A match made for Ben Davis

Theobald’s enjoy new work arrangement


Marci and Trent Theobald are now co-workers at Ben Davis after Trent took over the criminal justice department in the Career Center. Maric is department chair for World Languages.

No one was happier that Trent Theobald decided to work in the Area 31 Career Center then his wife Marci.

“Now we can ride to work together and take vacations at the same time,” said Marci, chairperson of the World Languages department and a longtime teacher at Ben Davis.

Marci and Trent Theobald are happily married and get to go to work together every day now.

For the past 20 years Trent was a captain in the Speedway police department.

After 20 years of being a police officer, Theobald decided to retire, but he didn’t look into getting another job right after, he actually continued to be a police officer after he hit his 20th year. Then there became an opening at Ben Davis to teach criminal justice. Marci Theobald has worked at Ben Davis for 19 years and loves every minute of it. She teaches Spanish in addition to leading the World Languages department.

“My husband was ready for a new challenge.”

— Marci Theobald

He came into guest speak to the Criminal Justice students and really enjoyed interacting with the students. We started talking about the open position and what that would look like for our family,” Marci Theobald said.

After both their children left and went to college in Florida they felt as they “were empty-nesters.

“My husband was ready for a new challenge. Our children and I both welcomed the idea of him retiring from law enforcement. He used to teach D.A.R.E. and I knew that he would be a great teacher. We prayed about the opportunity and said that if it works out and everything falls into place, let’s do this,” Marci said.

Marci was happy with the decision because even though she loved it when her husband was a police officer, but she thinks he is more relaxed now because he doesn’t have to be ready to go 24/7.

“I am very happy with the decision I made,” Trent said. “The great thing I had in making the jump was support from Mrs. Theobald and our two amazing college kids.

“The position came up very quick and honestly this is not what I thought I’d be leaving my career in law enforcement for. But I couldn’t be any happier.”

Just like when they were in high school together they get to walk each other to their classes in the morning and get to each lunch with each other. It is almost like they are high school sweethearts all over again.

They love being able to be so close to each other and they love being able to save gas because they ride to school together.

All and all the Theobald family is very happy with Trent’s decision to become involved at Ben Davis.