Three sport star

Holmes excels during all three seasons


Kareyon Bankston, Staff Writer

It is doubtful that many Ben Davis athletes have spent as much time practicing at Ben Davis as senior Susie Holmes had.

She’s been a three-year starter on the girls’ soccer team, is the leader of the girls swim team and will play her fourth season of varsity tennis starting in March.

And while she embraces each sport and each season, she’s currently on the final leg of the final season of her favorite sport. She has her older sister Maddie to thank for her love of the water.

“Swimming is my favorite because I started around three,” Holmes said. “That is what I am best at and I go to practice every day knowing I want to get in the water and I want to continue competing.”

She learned that from watching her sister Maddie compete.

“My sister and I have always been really competitive in swimming especially because she is older than me so, for example, in middle school, she held the record for the 50 and all throughout middle school I was trying to beat that record. I never did. She even holds one of the top ten (varsity) records now so by the end of my senior season I plan on beating that record.

“So in all actuality, my sister has always been a huge influence  on me in everything we do even before we started swimming.”

Holmes spends all of her free time practicing a sport. Or so it seems.

“The Sports don’t really conflict with each other because they are all different seasons,” Holmes said. “It has allowed me to meet a lot of people and stay involved with the school. It always gives me something to do, especially keeping me out of trouble All four years of high school I’ve done three sports.”

Holmes spends so much time practicing and competing that she hasn’t paid much attention to what will happen after May when her high school athletic career comes to an end, She does hope to continue competing in college, although in a brand new environment.

“I plan to be a walk on for rowing,” she said. “It’s something I’ve never done but I thought I would do something different than what I have been doing for the past three years of high school year. Since I’m going to IU I’ll have plenty of opportunities to try different things.”