BPA qualifies 23 for state


The following Ben Davis High School Business Professionals of America members placed in the Top 10 finishes at the BPA District Leadership Conference.

DLC was held December 5 at Ben Davis University.  Ben Davis had 23 State qualifiers.  Of those 23, three were District Champions and seven were District Runners-Up!  The State Leadership Conference will be held March 6-8, 2016, at the Downtown Marriott.

*Denotes State Qualifiers

Advanced Accounting
10th Place–Noe’ Santiago*
8th Place–Danielle Schell*
7th Place–Malik Limehouse*
6th Place–Darius Randolph*
5th Place–DaVee’ Carter*
3rd Place–Francisco Zepeda*
District Champion–Henry Salinas*

Payroll Accounting
6th Place–Kaitlin Saunders*
3rd Place–Henry Salinas*
2nd Place–DaVee’ Carter*
District Champion–Heather Metcalf*

Personal Financial Management
8th Place–Heather Metcalf*

Advanced Word Processing
3rd Place–Solomon Ghberemeskel*

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures
5th Place–Matthew Mitchell

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
9th Place–Francisco Zepeda *
7th Place–Shelby Jenson *

Computer Security
2nd Place–Jay’len Crawford*

Fundamental Desktop Publishing
7th Place–Shelby Jenson*
2nd Place–Joselyn Soto-Sequeda*

Fundamentals of Web Design
10th Place–Jacqueline Benitez*
9th Place–Kayla Vivace*
7th Place–Luis Pulido*
6th Place–Holly Lindsey *
5th Place–Max Pugh *
3rd Place–Jewel Borneo*
2nd Place–Brady Mehrtens*
District Champion–Brandon Freeman *

Graphic Design Promotion
5th Place–Brady Mehrtens
4th Place–Kayla Vivace
2nd Place–Jewel Borneo*

Interview Skills
2nd Place–Ashlynn Ballard*

Web Site Design Team (State Only Event)
Amanda Echegaray*
Brandon Freeman *
Max Pugh*
Luis Pulido*

Management, Marketing, Human Resources Concepts–Open Event
10th Place–Jacqueline Benitez

Business Meeting Management Concepts–Open Event
2nd Place–Holly Lindsey

Diplomat TORCH Recipient
Amanda Echegaray