Hard work leads to success

Sophomore Jonathan Morris earns six credits in less than five months


Sophomore Jonathan Morris has recouped five credits this semester to get back on track to graduate on time.

For most of us, coming to school and getting good grades is an easy thing to do. You just show up, sit down, listen and get your work done, but there are always those few exceptions. For some students, coming to school and learning about things that they have zero interest in becomes very frustrating.

Their motivation to getting things done decreases and they start thinking about a million other things they could be doing instead. Some want to succeed, but have been told they can’t do it and do not have any support from anyone. Sometimes it’s just easier to quit, but things are changing in special services teacher David Ellison’s class.

“Jonathan has been working really hard and we’re working on making him a full time student next year,” Ellison said.

The student he is talking about is sophomore Jonathan Morris, who is now working on earning his sixth credit in less than five months. After being sent to Sanders Alternative School for behavioral issues, he found the motivation to continue studying until he gets to walk the stage on his graduation day.

“My biggest motivation is to graduate and go to college,” Morris said.

Morris comes to Ben Davis for three hours every day to work on his online classes. He also has autism but he can function on his own and is quickly catching up on his credits. He says that the classes are easy and he is highly determined to finish. Not only is he passing his classes but he’s passing them with As and Bs.

Although he has had problems in his life and has autism, Morris is not giving up. He wants to go to college and study engineering or mechanics and won’t stop until he gets there. He has even joined the anime club to make new friends and do something he enjoys.

“We’re very proud of him,” Ellison said.

Finding the motivation to do things can become very difficult, but Morris is an excellent example that if you work hard and apply yourself, you can achieve every goal that you have set for yourself. He’s not letting his past stop him. He’s not letting his autism stop him. So nothing should stop anyone from succeeding.