Clueless about spring break

Fun things to go visit in Indiana

If you are not going out of state during spring break, there is plenty to do locally. Here are some ideas of how to stay entertaining in-state:

If you’re a social media freak like everyone else is in the world. This month the children’s museum is having “What’s Your Style?” This is a social media project featuring the museums textiles collection and invites all families to express their own unique style and show it off via Instagram.

The Going Green Festival is going on March 20 at the Indiana State Museum. They are going to provide a platform for people to show off how they are going green. This year the event is showing eco-friendly products and services, local environment leaders, lifestyle activities and much much more.

For all the people who much more enjoy a nice relaxed evening, on March 19 under the leadership of Maestro Urbanski Zach De Pue on violin the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra will perform.. They are having a coffee classics series Zach De Pue plays Barber. Also, enjoy hearing the ISO perform Dvořák’s Slavonic Dances. All of this with complimentary coffee and pastries.

For seniors who are planning on attending UIndy this fall, Friday, March 20 UIndy is having a free two day visitation program for all high school seniors who are interested in attending UIndy. It’s completely free but registration is needed.

For those interested in vintage and priceless objects. Friday, March 20 12 p.m. Stewart’s Indiana Flea Market will be at the State Fairgrounds. More than 250 booths with collectables, antiques, jewelry, crafts, candles, cloths and much much more will be available.

Malls are always fun to go to and especially with your friends so if you get the chance go visit the Fashion Mall in Keystone you should definitely go. They have many more stores you can look at and just enjoy your day at the mall. And don’t forget to take a group selfie so everyone can know where you were.


The Indianapolis Museum of Art is always a nice place to visit. With beautiful scenery and just a nice way to escape from the big city we live in. Go on a hike and just enjoy all the flowers and greenery around you. Or just go with friends and go see the popular  funky bones from the famous movie “The Fault In Our Stars”.

The Speedway track is always a fun experience. Tour the track and visit the museum and see all the amazing cars they are showing. And maybe you’ll be lucky when you go and you might see a practice race.