Late start doesn’t slow Schreiber

Author pens Vampire Kisses

Late start doesn’t slow Schreiber

Editor’s note: The seventh annual author visit to Ben Davis takes place this Thursday.  The authors visiting this year are Jason Reynolds, Ellen Schreiber, Coe Booth and Susan Vaught. Today’s featured author is Schreiber.

There are lots of genre’s to read. Some authors tend to stay with a certain trend. But not Ellen Schreiber, who is the author of The Vampire Kisses series.

Schreiber is a paranormal romance novelist from Cincinnati, Ohio and started writing when she was in her 20s.

“I was an actress and while I was acting, I wrote scenes and monologues. At the time I started writing, Francesca Lia Block inspired me a lot. I liked the way she wrote and her lyrical language,” Schreiber said.

Even though Schreiber got a late start on her writing career, that didn’t stop her from exploring the paranormal romance genre and exploring the realm of vampires.

“Everything inspires me to write – love, people, things I see, things I’d like to happen. But there are so many things about being a teen that has stuck with me. High school was such a big deal and it was very memorable. And I like the passion teens have for their interests and hobbies. I think I still have that,” Schreiber said.

Although Schreiber has published a whole series, she doesn’t plan on slowing down.

“One of my ambitions for my writing career is to just keep writing, it helps me relax,” she said. “Still, I think the hardest thing about writing is to be under a deadline. You have to write by a certain time as opposed to writing when the muse hits. I think everything else is easy.”

Schreiber currently has five books published in the Vampire Kisses series, and is supposed to come out with another. To find out more about Schreiber, go to her online blog,