Behind the Curtains: Tech Theatre


Most students at BD have seen the amazing theatre productions put on every year. With the successful “Godspell” already in the books, this year will look to be a great one for the musical or play lover. The stage is owned by the performers, but what about those behind it all?

Led by theatre director Mark Montgomery, the tech theatre group controls everything that’s going on behind the scenes. Whether it be lighting, sound effects, special effects or props, they take care of it all. Simply put, the show couldn’t go on without them.

The group is extremely dedicated in putting on a good show. They typically will stay after three times a week. However, when a performance is nearing, that rate shoots up to everyday, as late as 8:30 p.m.

Once they finally finish a production, there’s no resting for the team. They get right back to work, preparing for whatever’s next.

Specific roles are assigned to each person for each show, but everyone works together and helps one another out when needed. Positions change from time to time, so everything stays interesting within the the rotation.

Tech theatre loves what they do, but that doesn’t mean the job is easy. Despite the hard work and endless hours of preparation, mishaps occur and sometimes aren’t so easy to fix. Challenges are tough, but they take them head on.

“When something doesn’t go right, it takes all of us to put our heads together and come up with an alternate option or solution,” sophomore Kat Dillard said.

“About a month ago, we had a laser light go out and I had to personally email the company to figure out what was wrong- meanwhile we had to substitute using only one laser rather than two for our show.”

Mistakes on the hands of the crew, though, aren’t very likely to happen.

“We have many rehearsals to test what can or may go wrong so we can prevent it from happening again,” Dillard said.

With this tech theatre bunch behind the show, great productions are inevitable here at Ben Davis. It all comes together with the performers to bring what the audience will see on stage. Remember what all is behind that ticket of yours- not only heartfelt acting, but top notch technical work.