Black cats or painted dogs

Did you know there is a Defy Superstition Day?


From the grandparents to the teens, superstitions have been growing and evolving for a long time. Some superstitions date back to the 14th century while others reach to the 18th century.

Social studies teacher Joseph Belser says that some of the oldest superstitions date back to the black plague.

“There have been many superstitions that have appeared in history, “Belser said. “ Some vintage superstitions date back to the time of the Black Death. They believed that the plague was caused by God, who they believed were punishing them. By thinking so they started a superstition that if you whip or punish yourself, the pain of the curse would go away.

“Another superstition that occurred at this time is that if you where this bird like mask, then you will be safe from the disease. Of course today we know the truth of the black death and how things like punishing yourself only made things worse.”

Belser has his own superstitions.

“One superstition that I do every year is stand outside of school at the flagpole and spin around to ensure a good year,” he said. “Another one of my superstitions is that if my baseball team that I am rooting for wins, I will return to the same place and stay in the same position throughout their whole gaming season.”

Some well-known superstitions include a black cat crossing your path will create bad luck. Another includes if you step on a crack you will break your mother’s back.

German teacher Kristen Dawn is familiar with the number 13 in a different way than most may think.

“I was born on the 13th of May, “Dawn said. “ I also turned 13 on Friday the 13th too, which is a weird coincidence. Some German superstitions include pressing your thumbs for good luck, if you see a chimney sweep then you have good luck, and if you toast someone with water, then you are wishing them dead. Also German actors pretend to spit on the left shoulder of a colleague which to us is the same as break a leg. Germans also find the pig lucky.”

Whether these superstitions are real or not, does not stop our curiosity from defying them.

Every 13th of September, a day known as Defy Superstition day is celebrated where people put these curses and hexes to the test by going against the worst of fates.

The history of this holiday dates back to 1999. However, the individual or group behind this day is unknown.

Ways you can celebrate this day varies depending on the superstition you wish to defy. If you wish to defy the black cat superstition, you should volunteer at an animal shelter. Or if you are looking for a simple superstition to defy, just pass someone on the stairs or come out the same door you went into.

Senior Susan Mijangos is neutral about superstitions.

“The universe is connected and that sometimes things that the universe wants is different from things that happen, “Mijangos said. “ Everything happens for a reason and you should take stuff into your own hands. With superstitions, I don’t know what to believe. People have been telling me not to open my new umbrella in school. The funny thing is that I did it and my day was great.”

For those superstitions that scare you like Bloody Mary, to those that are somewhat dangerous like walking under a ladder, Defy Superstition day is an opportunity to test your endurance, courage and your beliefs in hexes.



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