A new addition to Area 31

Lowery has many ties to Ben Davis

The 2014-2015 has begun and this school year Ben Davis has added 30 new teachers. One of which is the new early childhood education teacher, Judith Lowery.

Judith Lowery may be a new teacher but is certainly not new to teaching or Ben Davis. Previously, she taught at Avon Middle school, Portage High School and at Warren Central High School at the Walker Career Center. She is also the mother of two recent Ben Davis Graduates, Johnny and Tommy Lowery.

Thus far she has been enjoying her classes and Lowery is looking forward to most is becoming part of the Giant culture.

“I want to learn more about the traditions from the teachers’ point of view,” Lowery said.

The Early Childhood development course is available in the Area 31 Career Center. In the class students learn how to properly teach at a daycare or preschool. This includes how to keep students safe, plan activities, learn how to assess and document as a tool to guide our curriculum and what it takes to be professional in the field. Students involved in the class also have opportunities to volunteer in classrooms at our Little Giants Preschool, Chapelwood Elementary, and the Early Learning Academy.

After the students finish the course Lowery hopes they not only know the standards of the classroom but grow in other aspects as well.

“I want them to understand best practices in the Early Childhood classroom, develop a love of teaching, grow as a person and pursuit a career in the field in the future,” Lowery said.